June 22, 2014

Attitude: Good for Business

Attitude determines either your success or failure tomorrow. Your attitude is a powerful tool. It is your most priceless possession. You don’t have to buy it, but you do have to develop it. It is what people will remember you by, and will associate you with. Your clients, customers, co-brokers, lenders, and attorney will remember how you reacted to situations during the sale. The attitude you show is what becomes your personality. 

Consider this: Be prepared for anything. There is a lot in our real estate world that we can predetermine how we want to handle, but some things are just unpredictable. Handling the unexpected with professionalism and positivity is incredibly important. For example, what if we receive poor results from a home inspection or an unreasonable counter offer from the seller or what if the buyers forgot to mention they purchased a car last week after being pre-approved?  It is how we handle these obstacles and our attitude toward these findings that either makes us successful or not.

Identify the things that may be holding you back and find the attitude needed to propel you forward. It could be bad a relationship with a co-broke, a misunderstanding with a client, or something that happened that morning at home. It may even be a larger issue like moral code or self-esteem. Everyone has their own obstacles but overcoming them is the key to success. Additionally, our personal lives should not negatively affect the business setting.

Finding your purpose and passion help to change your attitude so you can look ahead and analyze where you want to go. Visualizing your goals can motivate you to achieve them. Prepare yourself for those times when challenging circumstances threaten to provoke negative attitudes and hinder success.

It is easy to give up when the circumstances are hard, but the right attitude can push you through. Not everything will go your way all the time, but having the right attitude will ensure your success, even through the tough times.

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