September 17, 2012

Purchase of Middlebridge property

The recent acquisition by the Town of Narragansett of the 9.51 acres surrounding the Narrow River on Middlebridge is a monumental accomplishment.  An acquisition of this nature is the result of major investment of time, energy, hard work and perseverance.  Tremendous dedication on the part of all the members of the Land Trust including its exceptional chair Dr. Robert O'Neill, member Jill Lawler and Councilman Chris Wilkens, has resulted in this legacy acquisition.  Through their work in the Land Conservancy, these citizens make possible the preservation of the Narrow River and the eco-systems within and surrounding it.  Acquiring this beautiful landscape consisting of 800 feet of waterfront ensures that this area will be able to offer future generations recreation, respire and enjoyment.

Every taxpayer and citizen in our Town should take special note of the generosity of Jill Lawler, member of the Land Conservancy, and her partner at Expereince Real Estate, Kathy Schmitt, who unselfishly waived the $42,000 real estate commission due them from the sale of this parcel.  It is one thing to say one is invested in the community where you live and work; it is quite another to actually prove it by surrendering a commission of this size, particularly in these difficult economic times.  These business women at Experience Real Estate have donated back to our town $42,000:  a gift of extraordinary meaning and significance to the people of Narragansett as this money can now be utilized for other land acquisitions.

All involved in this effort deserve our respect.  The timing could not bebetter; after a rather difficult few months, you all make us proud.  Thank you to everyone involved in securing this spectacular piece or real estate.  It shows us that behind the scenes in this town, there are many good and decent people working hard for the betterment of Narragansett and Rhode Island.  Take a bow!

Meg Rogers, Chair

Narragansett Republican Town Committee 

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