June 1, 2014

Reverse Marketing?

How can you utilize this to sell a home? Here is an example: 

Status quo for realtors is to put out a sign, input the home in MLS and wait for the phone to ring. Without actively promoting the listing, it could take a significant amount of time for the right buyer to find the house and make an offer.

However, what if a realtor called buyers, called other realtors, told them about the property and got the buyer to go to the seller?  This not only expedites the process for a quicker sale, but will bring forth buyers who may not have seen the listing on their own. What a totally different outcome for everyone involved in the transaction from the seller to buyer to realtor. 

With EXPERIENCE Real Estate, we take a listing, like everyone else, put out a FOR SALE sign and put the listing information on Multiple Listing Service.  However, unlike most realtors, we search out buyers in a proactive marketing approach. We look for:

  • Possible buyers not currently searching. We research who purchased a home with similar   features 5 to 7 years ago and may want to downsize or move up.
  • Lenders that are pre-approving buyers,
  • Accountants that may have clients looking to purchase
  • Attorneys that may have clients looking to purchase,
  • Listing agents (IN RI AND SURROUNDING STATES) with homes in the same price range,
  • Selling agents (IN RI AND SURROUNDING STATES) that sold homes in the same price   range.

Selling a home quickly and to the right buyer requires effort, and going above and beyond the “status quo”.

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