November 4, 2013

Selling A Solution

Because consumers look for solutions, salespeople must shift away from selling features and benefits, and focus on problem solving.  Customers are interested in salespeople who can solve their problems.  Salespeople who have not yet identified the customers' problems and just sell features, will never make as much money as those who can identify problems and come up with solutions USING the benefits and features.  

Salespeople need to let the propspects do most of the talking.  Salespeple know that listening is an important part of the selling process.  The more the prospects talk about their problems, the better a salesperson will be able to come up withthe right solutions.  Great salespeople create interest with energy and enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is contagious.  When prospects sense your optimism about solving their problems, they are much more receptive to buy.  

How do you become a great problem-solver and make much more money?  

  • Asking questions is the key.  Dig deeper when the customer answers a question.  "Tell me more about that....."  "Why is that so important to you.?......"    For example.  
  • Let the prospect do most of the talking.
  • Make sure you have energy and enthusiasm to help solve their problem.

BOTTOM LINE IS :  Great sales people think of themselves as selling a solution not a product 

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