January 10, 2013

Something that will impact your bottom line...

What resources Do business have to increase their bottom line revenue? 

One opportunity that many businesses (small and large) overlook is their local Chamber of Commerce.  Years past, businesses joined to take advantage of lower Health Insurance rates, without realizing what other valuable resources the chambers provide that can directly impact their everyday operations. 

Important Note:  You are no longer able to have a cost savings for your Health Insurance by joining a chamber.

Elizabeth Berman is the Director of Mission Development for the Southern Rhode Island Chamber.  She agreed to be interviewed by Jill Lawler, co-owner of EXPERIENCE Real Estate, located in South Kingstown, RI, to obtain an understanding as to exactly how the chamber can make a difference for the businesses in the area. 

JILL:  How long have you been with the Southern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce? ELIZABETH:  Since May of 2010 as Director of Mission Development.

JILL:  What is the passion that drives you and the Chamber to be wildly successful? ELIZABETH:  There is no greater feeling than helping someone or a business succeed. I get to do that every day at the Chamber.

JILL:  What are the three biggest challenges currently facing the Chamber? ELIZABETH:  1. Misconception that all we do is networking events;                        2. Members not utilizing services;                        3. not having enough time in the day

JILL:  What is one thing people don't know about the Chamber? ELIZABETH:  We are a great referral source. If you need a service, we will find you the best local business for the job.

JILL:  What is the most underutilized resource the Chamber offers? ELIZABETH:  Our Tourist Information Center. So many members don't bring us their promotional materials so that we can handout to tourists, people relocating or local residents or businesses.

JILL:  How have you seen members most effectively work with the Chamber? ELIZABETH:  Members that are engaged get the most out of the Chamber. Attending Networking events, bringing material to us and just remembering to tell us what is going on.  We can help promote events, sales and programs. A lot of people forget to take advantage of these things.

As business owners, we are all looking for easy ways to PROMOTE, ADVERTISE, and increase our income.  It is simple….join a Chamber of Commerce.  Before you choose which to join stop in to your local one.  Ask questions like Jill asked Elizabeth.  Be sure the answers are what you want to hear. 

Elizabeth can be reached at the South Kingstown Chamber of Commerce, located on Tower Hill Road (across from Dunkin Donuts).

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