June 30, 2015

The best thing you can do for your clients is to respond.

It is incredible to me that "professionals" do not respond timely or even at all.  It isn't just one profession in particular...it is MOST professions.  Something is missing in the way we do business.  The something is the fact that with so many forms of communication such as texting, email, messaging and the old fashion telephone, people still can't communicate timely.  Why?  Is it that we just don't want to do our jobs; that we don't like the person we need to talk with; or are we just lazy?

I have always taken pride in that I have a natural ability to WANT to return a call.  If a person needs information or a service, I simply cannot avoid that.  I often times get a "Thank you so much for returning my call".  This is another way of saying "I didn't expect you to return the call".  I continue to be amazed everyday.

So when you are looking to do business with someone, ask the question "If I call you, when can I expect a return call?".   The answer surely will give you some information as to how committed the person is to servicing your needs.  

For those professionals out there reading this short but to the point blog, please return your customer's call promptly.  It will do wonders for your business! 

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