February 16, 2015

To Provide Exemplary Service Like No Other, You First Need Clients.

We are busy, we don’t just think or say we are busy, we are.  We do things that make the phone ring and find a buyer.  We don’t wait for one to call us.  When they do call us, we have a focused agenda while building rapport, asking targeting questions, and secure the close. 

How do we make the clients come to us?  I have spent much time researching the answer by speaking with top sales people and successful business owners as well as highly regarding marketing firms. 

Here is my conclusion for finding prospects and filling your pipeline in 2015:

1. Send potential clients valuable content relevant to the industry that provides insight or entertainment.

2. Diversify social media – Use many not just one or two.

3. Be sure your content is mobile friendly. 

Most importantly, GET OUT THERE.  Highly successful people are highly visible people.  They are at the right venues at the right time for the right reasons. Determine where your clients will be and get to that place. 

Even better, find a person that is surrounded by the type of clients you are looking for and go where they go. 

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