April 17, 2014

Trust and Transparency

I have been a realtor since 1986, and boy has it changed significantly.  When I say “it” changed, what I specifically mean is EVERYTHING about selling a home has changed.  Federal and state laws, disclosure requirements, lender requirements, and much more.

Great realtors aren’t selling homes; they are selling trust and transparency.  The role of today’s realtors is one of honesty.  We are not just bound by the laws and the code of ethics, but what consumers want and deserve. In any transaction that involves larger amounts of money, or such a personal part of someones life, it’s easy to hear horror stories of realtors who have taken advantage of a buyer or seller. 

I find throughout my years in real estate that the industry is contaminated with dishonest and/or uneducated agents.  Either they are not transparent as to the pertinent facts and just want to make a sale or they pretend to know and will mislead their client and anyone else they are working with.

How do we eliminate this “acceptable” unprofessional misconduct in our industry?  Well, the repercussions for many of the violations I come across every day are usually as little as a mandatory “class” or a $2,000 fine.  Obviously, our professional organizations do not impose stringency enough sentencing to distract one. 

As a business owner, I say, put those agents out of business for good.  The customers deserve better representation. 

How do I differentiate my associates from others?  We sell trust and transparency through education and professionalism. It’s about doing what is right for the client, not just the agent that is representing them.

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