June 17, 2012

What Happened To Great Customer Service?

When was the last time you thought something was really awesome?  If I asked you to name the last time you said to yourself or to another person that you were completely happy with something, could you easily remember?

I don’t think we get the chance to have enough truly wonderful experiences in life.   Why is that?  Why don’t we hear more people talk about a great experience….especially when it involves a business transaction.  Whether grocery shopping, selling a home, buying a home, getting health insurance, buying a car, or any business dealings, we typically hear about the rude clerk or the misrepresented price or the ridiculous time something took.  How sad.

I have to ask, “What happened to old fashion customer service?  What happened to the client is always right?”    What a better world it would be if businesses valued the customer as they should.  Without the clients, there is no business.  Without good things to stay, there is no repeat business.  Is this why we are in the economy we are in today?  In fact, 88% of all small businesses fail within 2 years of opening.  I bet it is all about the bad customer service. 

So, I want to say thank you to all the business that understand customer service.  A special extra thank you to all the employees, workers, sales people that go the extra mile and make the experience not better – but a great one.  Often times we automatically say thank you when we leave a business out of habit not sincerity.  I will be sure to really mean it when I say it to someone that deserves it.  I will be certain to refer and mention that I had a great experience to my friend and family.  It is an essential part of what I have built my business upon.

Is a great experience important to you? 

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