November 4, 2012

What is your passion that drives you to be wildly successful?

The uncertainties of these times bring a passion to control our future.  Do you have what it takes to control your destiny?  What causes one to have the drive to do so?

An inspirational conversation with Peter DiStefano, Owner of DiStefano Brothers’ Construction. 

I know a lot of entrapenours.  Having just opened my own company and being asked as to why, in these economic times would I do so, I am confident with my answer.  To make a change for the sellers and buyers in our community.  To represent them with trained, educated and ethical associates in my firm.

I asked many other owners and found one in particular to be inspirational and true for many.  Here was our interview…

Kathy:  When did you start your own company? 

Pete:  In 2006

Kathy:  What made you want to leave a great job with steady hours and pretty good pay to open your own company?

Pete:  My dad worked for a manufacturing company for 35 years.  He thought and lived by the premise that the company would take care of him and his family forever.  He had a false sense of security.  Without question, he confidently felt that his company would take care of all expenses and retirement for the rest of his life.  Then, all the jobs starting moving to overseas.  Eventually, the day they let him go, he was surprised because never thought it would happen. My dad never imagines that he would be out of work and unable to provide for his family.  Never.  After working hard for 35 years to just be let go. That’s when I knew and was determined to never let someone have that much power over my life. I was only 26 I knew I was going to own company and be in control of my future. 

Kathy:  What did you do to prepare for opening DiStefano Brothers’ Construction?

Pete:   I paid close attention to how my old boss ran his own business and learned valuable things that worked as well as the things that don’t work. 

Kathy:  What was the most important thing you learned that you MUST do as an owner?

Pete:  As an owner of my company,   I know that you must have amazing customer service.   Not ok, not good, but amazing customer service.

Kathy:  What was the most important thing you learned that you must NEVER do as an owner? 

Pete:  We never allow poor customer service. Never.

Kathy:  How would honestly rate your current customer service on a scale of 1-to 10?

Pete:  Currently are at a solid 8 working toward the 10.  I am a hard critic on myself. So probably, the customers would say 10.

Kathy:  I know you study your competition quite closely as all great business owners do.  How would you rate your competition?

Pete:   I have a lot of competition, but only considering the best of the best, it would be a 6. 

Kathy:  What do you do daily to improve your 8 to 10? 

Pete:  Through the use of technology, we are staying in touch more closely with our clients.  Most importantly, we stay in touch throughout the day while we are on a job.  The client sees this as very proactive and appreciates it greatly.  It has made a huge difference in our bottom line as a result of referrals.

Kathy:  What is the one area of expertise? 

Pete:  Making our client happy no matter what the job entails. 

Kathy:  What are the areas you avoid in your industry?

Pete:   I think it would be to avoid growing too fast without proven systems and models in place first.

Kathy:  What is your five year goal?

Pete:  Being able to do one charity project per month every month.

Kathy:  Oh interesting, which charity of choice would be your first? 

Pete:  Not a large charity per say, but helping people on a smaller level.  Perhaps re-modeling a wounded vet’s home, or a family in need that has a bathroom floor that needs to be fixed, for example.  Also, in five years, my business will grow with additional employees and have someone at the forefront running the business so I can pursue other entrepreneurial adventures. 

Kathy:  What is the best you advice you could give our readers? 

Pete:  Follow your dream and don’t sweat the small stuff.

What drives you to control your future?  Share your vision and passion here.

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