March 20, 2014

Who can you turn to when you need help with a client?

As agents, you become sounding boards to clients most difficult and private emotions surrounding buying or selling their home. Maybe they have issues with saving money and are worried about qualifying for a loan. Maybe their financial situation isn’t very favorable and are worried about making the mortgage payments so need to unload fast. Or maybe internal family issues are making home life difficult. These are very personal, and private events that can be difficult to communicate. As clients, they turn to you to unload, knowing that you will keep these confidential and keep their best interests in mind as they move through the process. As agents, however, if you need help, who can you turn to without exposing your clients personal information?

I recently ran into this issue with a listing agent who was representing a divorced couple who needed to sell the house in a designated time frame. However, delaying the process was internal strife which kept them from agreeing on a good price for the home. A buyer came to the market looking to purchase the house. One of the sellers agreed on the price, while the other didn’t. The agent was struggling to get the sellers on the same page about the price and was having trouble communicating that information to them. Because I didn’t represent either the buyer or the seller,  the agent could turn to me and share some of the issues they were facing. I was able to come in as a confidential, 3rd party to the situation and talk through the issues with the sellers and get them to come to an agreement. The agent was able to share that information with me, knowing that I was not representing anyone in this transaction and would not go to the buyer exposing the internal fighting among the couple.

Not only is important for you, as an agent, to be a part of a company that can provide you with a confidant to turn to you when you need help, but this is important to the client as well.  Your client wants to know that their information is safe, and that they are getting the best representation possible. They want to know that when you need help, you have someone to work things through with that will not share endanger their transaction. This not only helps the client get the best deal, but helps you be the best agent possible.

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