November 13, 2014

Why are people so quick to judge other people or situations?

We naturally tend to categorize things we process whether they are situations or people. The problem with this often times is we stereotype situations or people without enough information and by filling in the gaps of this lack of information with or own experiences and NOT facts.

When we meet someone, we often detect certain traits of the person or situation that is similar to another experience we have already had.  We conclude that this person/situation will be the same as our previous experience and categorize it as such.  This is a problem because we do not understand the depth and complexity of the true person or situation. 

Additionally, when the person or situation shows the true details, we try to make up excuses as to why that person is acting that way because we had already predetermined who or what they are.  Now it is even more complicated.

Rather than being so quick to judge or categorize, but take a moment to realize that humans and situations are multi-layered and most often are not one dimensional, what a better experience we could have with people and or situations when we don’t judge. 

Open your mind to the possibility that your initial impression could be wrong.  Allow yourself (and them) the privilege of understanding the true person or situation.

Sales people that are hugely successful are so because they truly understand the process and people they are involved with.  They, ultimately, are very well liked.  The process is a smoother, more enjoyable experience. 

Work with an agent that stays in curiosity and out of judgment. 

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