July 29, 2015

Why are you telling me this?

We deal with the public.  Most businesses do.   Over the 29 years in business, I have found it amazing that people share such intimate details about their lives when it is not relevant to the sale or transaction. 

Sure, when you deal with the niche market that real estate business do, there are many personal facts, experiences and goals that are shared.  In fact, that must be shared as a client for a great result.  However, very often people share way too much information that has nothing to do with the purchase or sale.  I find it peculiar.  Why is this?  Why do people share as much as they do with strangers? 

I find that when people don’t share information that is not pertinent to the transactions, things get done much quicker and without hiccups.   It can be a huge distraction from the normal course of business.  Even more concerning is that with added personal information, people jump to conclusions and surmise their own ideas about that person and how the transaction will go.  This is troubling, because the tone of the transaction can change based on information that has nothing to do with the business dealing. 

My advice is to keep to the pertinent facts when conducting business.  There is no professional reason to add personal information that does not affect anything. 

Having said all this, I was directing this blog to the salespeople not clients!  It is they who share too much of their personal issues.  There is no place in business for that. The client doesn’t deserve it. 

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