July 7, 2013

Why aren't people transparent?

Why is it so difficult to be honest and upfront?  Not being so is very anti-productive in the work place.  It can be more hurtful and frustrating in all kinds of relationships-  be it with a friend or a family member.  I manage a fairly large staff and am a member of a large family (7 children).  One of the most difficult things to deal with in both are people that can be deceitful.  Many times the person doesn't necessarily mean to be, but are.  What I mean is, more and more, it is becoming habitual for people to just not tell the truth, or not to tell all the relevant facts, thus leaving the other person without full knowledge to make an important decision, let's say.  Perhaps the person is not able to react the best way, because they just aren't aware of all the facts.  

Although I own a real estate business, I do not list or sell property.  I assist my associates with ensuring each and every client has the best experience possible when buying or selling homes.  Therefore, I am very involved in many of the sales in the office.  Whenever necessary, I happy to get involved in speaking to the parties in a transaction because there is a potential break down in communication.  It never ceases to amaze me that most times, the breakdown is a direct result of someone withholding information that can be valuable.  More often times, once all are aware of the withheld information, it  isn't something that can't be easily worked out.  

The lesson learned is often that the stress of not being transparent was a greater burden for all then dealing with the information that was withheld.  

A great mentor of mine once said many years ago:  BAD NEWS DOES NOT GET BETTER IN TIME.  

If you have information that may not be the easiest to share, share it immediately.  Get it over with.  If you are a professional.  Think like one.  For example, does a doctor that found the results of a blood test are bad, wait to tell a patient?  No.  They get the news out and consult to the news.

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