April 2, 2013

Why can't people just respond?

This blog is not about a particular job or about promoting anything.  It is simply about trying to obtain the answer to a simple and frustrating question.  Why don't people respond?  I must ask myself this question several times a day.  I hear others ask the same question in utter frustration.  Whenever I am at a networking event of any kind, the conversation ultimately arives at the fact that people don't respond.  It seems as though everyone is waiting for everyone to get back to them about something.  

It doesn't matter if one is seeking information for their profession, personal reasons, medical reasons, or for any reason, no one is getting back to people timely or at all.  It is as if we all have some terrible sickness.  Are we really that heartless that we can't answer a question or at the very least, tell the person we are working on answering the question.  Are we all so busy that we can't respond?  OR Are we so busy waiting for answers ourselves that we can't respond?  It is a vicious cycle.  

If everyone in the world is wondering why people don't get back to others, maybe they need to look in the mirror and ask that person.   

What would the world be like if people got back to each other timely.  I think much more productive. 

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